1. Where I Call Home Album Review, Ft Gaven, Makeida, Knox Brown & Ashanti

UK Hip Hop (OUT NOW)




This track Duane takes a political stance on police brutality within the nation. The track is an explosion of clever wordplay & orchestral elements, the track features news reports and you can even hear The mother of the late Steven Lawrence give her account of the justice system.

2.Where I Call Home

This track Duane re visits his Drum & Bass Roots and fuses this with hip Hop! Produced by Duane Flames and Featuring R&B sensation Gaven this track has been picked out by many as a stand out favourite for Duane at live performances. Duane Fuses Light Opera elements with nice Bass lines and his rhymes, flow and clarity on this track make this a national anthem.


3.Show Down

A light hearted track with clever rhyme flow and playful sounds, nice bass line makes this a fun song to enjoy.

4.Booming System

This trance infused dance pop element track mixed with Patois is an interesting track and good for festivals.

5.Sugar Love Ft Makeida is definitely one for the lovers, Duane showing off his quick patented rhyming style and beautiful soulful vocals from Makeida have made this track a favourite! Nice bass lines, organ chords and strings! This is an intense track!

6.The Outlet

After the loss of his father this was one of the first tracks produced by Duane, he decided to adopt a positive approach to the tragedy. This track is very reminiscent of 70’s music with horns, saxophones, guitars and vibraphones this is jazz hip hop fusion at its best.

7.The weekends mine. Ft Tamara Nicole. This track deals with the battle of the 9-5 worker. Smooth is one way to describe this song! Vocals from Tamara make this an anthem! Clever wordplay and production from Duane make this Art! Strings and guitar feature in this song with a beautiful snare to bring it all together.


8.Know the rest

This track reminds me of an old school break dance battle entrance theme music. It’s like the track is too slow to dance to but too intense to keep still as well. Huge synth lines and wet sounds. This track is dark and intense

9.Life lived in dreams

This track Duane deals with the turmoil of how it can sometimes feel in the music industry, this track is a powerful orchestral explosion and sounds like it could be used on the film score by a film made by Marvel

10.Soul Cloud. Ft Ashanti

This track was created after the birth of Duane’s first child, such a special moment in his life that his son can even be heard crying as a feature on the track. Uplifting Chords and vocals Duane paints a 3D picture of the birthing experience of his child.


11.Keep Guidance

As this album was written during the riots you will definitely get a few political tracks on this body of work and this track is no exception to the rule! Explosions, Sirens, Alarms, all can be heard on this track, mixed with clever wordplay Duane is passionate about the state of current affairs,

12.Blank Canvas Ft Knox Brown

This track showcases Piano runs, strings playful bass, NO HOOK? This is a straight freestyle old school style. This track sounds like DR Dre could have made It!!! When I hear this track it makes me want a 3 piece suit and a cigar! Extra smooth

13.Club on lock

Crazy synth track. Another club track that you can’t quite dance to but has a nice knock so you can’t keep completely still either, this track is all about the lyrics! COOL HOOK and reminds me of a MAD MAX soundtrack.

14.My Love ft. Gaven

The diversity of this artist is uncanny, when Duane gets insightful there is no holding back. This track is complete soul. A beautiful song leaving words of wisdom behind for his children for when he leaves the earth. This track definitely has a 70’s feel!

15.Keep the bass bumping.

One of the quickest spitters in the UK! Duane goes straight in with this one! He is extremely comfortable with speed! This track has a nice bounce as well as sounding like music from a car chase action sequence Duane exhibits his phenomenal technical ability and word play.

16.So baby tell me can we get close.

Duane is definitely an adult! And this steamy track describes his encounter with a sexy female but in a tasteful way! This track has a very old school feel! And is very reminiscent of west coast music


17.Give Thanks ft. Ashanti

This track is the close to the album and sounds like a dramatic outro! This is definitely the ride off into the sunset sound you would hear from an action movie, the message is positive and wordplay is executed with venom as usual.




2.Headliner Album Review ft Deleelah, Acre Artist, Jasmin Dolly, T£ST, Jermaine Riley, Ashanti, Pierre Da Silva, Tamara Nicole



1.Levels Intro.


Duane spits venom in this track and has clearly grown as an artist since the Where I Call Home album! Levels intro sees Duane explaining where he has been since the last album as an artist!, Orchestral composition with a choir and horn symphony mixed with a hip hop bounce to upbeat drums! The ever evolving composition is a nice way to land into this new album!


2.Traveling Man.


Duane has obviously enjoying his time as an artist as this track he explains life on the road travelling and touring, hotels and flights. The track is reminiscent of 70’s lounge music, very laid back Duane sits on this very smoothly


3.All in my sights.


Duane clearly sets his angle with this track, Hip Hop royalty with 70’s undertones modernised. Banging drums and bass line! MIXED with clever word play! This one is definitely one for the headphones! BANGINING


4.What I Do.


This track displays a more melodic side to Duane! The backing track is hauntingly addictive. Great bass lines and light strings. This song is about having appreciation for what you have in life.


5.Love & Music ft Deleelah


Duane expresses his intimate love towards music, Deleelah has a beautiful voice! And the two are a match made in musical heaven! Great sound, Chords and light keys mixed with bouncy flows! The chorus is special on this track!!!


6.You reap what you sew.


Duane Has grown so much over the years! He selects his tracks very carefully & has done it again! Very uplifting message! Playful sounds great drums & powerful message!








Duane explains his journey building his company USH. USH has helped several artists achieve their dream of performing in front of large crowds! Smooth laid back flow over smooth music is a beautiful blend again!   


8.You Don’t know me Ft Acre Artist


Duane teams up with an artist from Texas and spits fire over a heavy bounce track with explosive 808 drums! Duane showing his spit fire flow over this track! This artist truly brings variation to the game!


9.My Inspiration


Inspire me and I keep going! Words that start off this track! This track is pure joy! Uplift the spirits Duane! “I aint got to be known guy that’s no lie, when I zone on my own vibe it’s so fly”   


10.Burn out 2 ft T3ST 7 Jermaine Riley


This track is another one of Duane’s D&B Hip Hop fusion mash ups! But rock guitars! Awesome vocals and a back to back flow off with T3ST makes this another special track on the album! Great sounds! Great Hook!!! We love this MUSIC!!!!




Duane obviously appreciates his alone time, this laid back track explains his love for music in the car and long drives in isolation, this track has a nice summer feel!

Great instrumental and the flow as always fits perfect on the selected track.


12.I Love To Dance ft Jasmin Dolly


This track is for the club! Nice Piano chords with a clever hook! Duane on a dance track you would think sounds weird but yet again he has selected an instrumental that compliments his vocals perfectly!


13.USH March


Duane felt in necessary to pay homage to his company USH again, different vibe from the last one we feel this time he is a little more boastful! We got it the first time Duane; you love USH. Cool delivery and nice track all the same


14.Putting In Work ft Ashanti


When it comes to positive messages this is where Duane Shines!!! This gritty bounce is rock guitar driven with a Skippy drum pattern! Ashanti sounds beautiful on this! “We stay in the fight just to make our lives better”




15.Snap Snap Pose


This track takes shots at the selfie obsessed club goers, nice bouncing track with interwoven flows that blend well with the bass driven track.


16.Who Gassed Them


Double time king Duane Flames showing his expertise in variation on this one again

Great bass sounds and expertise flow.




This is another album Duane has created a track with no hook! straight lyrics in a throwback classic style! Haunting instrumental very reminiscent of 90’s hip hop. Supreme word play and hollow bass line! Another one from the punch line king


18.Something Special Ft Ashanti


Beautiful heart felt track, Duane expressing his softer side, lovely chords and Ashanti actually smashes this song! Duane sits comfortably on this track! His production is mesmerising, on this subject matter Duane declares he will not leave the love of his life as he believes he has found something truly special.


19.To The Sky Ft Pierre Da Silva  


This track Duane speaks on the death of his Cousin as a result of a plane crash.

Life is too short! Powerful song! Huge horn and guitar lead marching anthem. This track is a stand out for me! Production on point! Message very powerful


20.I Don’t Wanna Be ft Tamara Nicole


Piano heaven mixed with beautiful vocals make this track an awesome song! The feel of this track is sensational, music is love! Lyrics and flow on point!


21.We are one


21 TRACKS!!!!! Duane did not disappoint with this album and this outro is a beautiful way to exit a truly epic and diverse album, Duane Says bye in over 20 languages with a hook that features Martin Luther king!!! This guitar & Piano, String based track is a fitting end to an epic sonic experience. 










1.Gave It My All.

Duane Flames Shows his mixtape side by giving us a list of diverse tracks!

The intro for this album is unlike his previous albums. The intro is a more futuristic but insightful approach still showing growth this electro blend is a huge start to what promises to be an exciting album.



This track takes influence from the hit series and soon to be released film Black dynamite. Great bass synth, guitar and drums makes this a heavyweight track


3.Back Down That Road.

Duane is definitely a huge fan of music; this album has completely evolved from his previous bodies of works. With an amazing hook and awesome bass driven music Duane has adapted his flow yet still remains true to himself


4.You Better Hustle.

This music is exciting, fast paced and Duane sits in the pocket superbly! Encouraging all to get up get out and get it done!! No matter what your trying to achieve.




5.This Is How I’m Living ft. Tony As.

This track is real life! Duane is very good at painting 3D pictures and teams up with Tony As to deliver this classic. Duane has grown into fatherhood as a musician and expresses the sacrifices that have to be made. Fantastic music with a great feel!


6.Loves Got A Limit.

A controversial relationship track, Duane talks about how technology is causing distance in relationships this music definitely has a theme in this album, it’s a thought provoking track with a playful melody and great hook!


7.Not The Same Type.

Definitely a favourite on the album, this haunting piano melody and rolling 808 bassline mixed with Duane’s Flow is an excellent combination and a must repeat track!


8.Cause It’s Like That.

This track is amazing! Great bass line and wet synth sounds! Playful flow and catchy hook! This one is nice for the clubs!


Our mind was blown with the delivery on this track! The intensity is immense!!! Definitely one for the festivals!!! Duane has a flow that is definitely unmatched in today’s music! 

10.Have You Ever Loved

Duane never forgets the ladies with his music!! This is another track for the ladies showing his softer side with this beautiful summer anthem! Lyrics and flow on point once again!!! This one is all about love

11.Falling To Pieces

In 2010 Duane lost his father, in 2018 He finally comes forward and speaks about this on record with this beautiful track he speaks on mental stability during tragic loss.




12.No More Feelings

Duane exhibits what happens when pushed past your limit on this track, heavy 808 and haunting melodies seem to be the theme of this album but it WORKS!!!, Guitar and light piano chords and expressive synth sounds make this a very atmospheric track.


13.Say Nothing

Duane has gone all out with this album, we are still nodding our head 13 tracks in and Duane is showing no signs of slowing down!!!

This track is an 808 experience and we have to admit we didn’t expect to find another gem so far down the album list but we are glad it’s here! The production is simple but effective! We have to say it’s the vocals that cement this track into the walls of epic!


14.What time you call this!

Duane showcases his double time ability again! Great ambient track mixed with D&B elements & Hip Hop! This has become a signature sound of Duane.



Duane carefully selects the entry and exit vibe of every album and this time he has done it again! Shadows has an amazing classy feel! Cigar music! He is set to peruse his mission of musical excellence!  Fantastic hook! Piano Chords & horns mixed with snappy drums and guitar! We have truly loved this album!   





Ft Jaiden Christie & Makeida



1.Mic Cheque

Duane has gone straight into his Caribbean roots with this album and sits comfortably on his own production! This intro is back to the Duane on Where I Call Home & Headliner album but more intense!. You can hear the vocal production and musical production growth from the offset. Previously Duane’s music was very busy with sounds leaping out from everywhere but he has definitely opted for a stripped down approach which we feel works!


2.Bar Tender

This track is a salute to the Bartenders! And those who like shots of alcohol on a good night out! Great rhythm track again! I can already feel a theme of constant movement on this album will be discovered.


3.Sound System Culture

This track is so quirky! And with this song he has opted again for the no chorus approach and lays straight bars! His character on this album seems a lot more light hearted but still killer with the punchlines and flows! This guy is so diverse! There is no track he won’t body to pieces!

4.Run It Back

This is an awesome dancehall track with a heavy bass line and haunting synth sounds! Emphatic strings and melody! Duane Sits on top of this perfectly!

5.Jack It Up

This album is full of club bangers and this track is no exception. Inspired by 80’s dancehall this track definitely pays homage to early dancehall artists.


6.Kizomba Salsa Buchata

This track is one for the clubs again, Duane takes us on a dancehall journey and also speaks of his experiences of Kizomba and salsa.


7.Girlfriend FT. Jaiden Christie & Makeida 

This track speaks of the boy girl dynamic of two individuals who are not yet together but would go so well together if given the chance. This track also features his son Jaiden Christie on the hook


8.Gal Dem.

This track is an absolute monster!!!!! This track is perfect for carnival!! 808 Explosion mixed with strings! This track gets us hyped everytime!!! Perfect for festivals

9.Little London

What would a Duane Flames Album be without Double time??? Little London is classic Duane but over a Reggae Vibe creating a symphony of excellence! With horns big bass line and strings all together with an effective drum track! Great song!

10.Done The Dance

Duane has gone for total dancehall on this album and 10 tracks in it seems the tracks just get heavier. Loving the sound of this one! Movement is king! And this album is full of movement!!

11.They want the pull up

A little while ago all the London clubs where under scrutiny for playing the dancehall sound! This birthed the track the pull Up!  Which takes aim at all those who would oppose this music and demands that it’s the pull up the people want! Suggesting togetherness in music is the only way forward



As usual Duane exits an album with grace! This track Grateful is an excellent wy to leave what has been a truly creative album! Duane has not limited himself by this album and has given us diversity and great sounds once again! Great Song Nice Guitars create a meaningful and ambient sound, mixed with light piano and you have another classic Duane Flames Song




We can’t wait to hear what he puts out next!

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